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Monday, May 4, 2009

Living Consciously - by Rev. Carol Carnes

Living Consciously May 1, 2009

Dear friends,

In Hawaii they call it the coconut wireless. In small towns it is barber shop news. For most of us it is the internet or CNN. Called by any name, the spread of a story is fast, and like rumors of all kinds, takes on enormous proportions. Group Think is my new name for it. It is the phenomenon of sharing a belief with many others, whether or not it is actually true. Soon there is panic or a mob or simply a wave of fear that distracts us from the real issues we need to be creatively solving.

Personally, we can live our whole lives believing something that is not true. The problem is, we act on our beliefs, which are inner promptings that cause behaviours. We also tend to want to enrol as many other people as possible in them! We want buy in and agreement and we will go to great lengths to get it. Defending beliefs is the great pastime of humanity.

Some of our erroneous beliefs are simply unexamined impressions we brought with us from childhood. It is like a juicy piece of gossip that becomes our ticket to center stage as we tell it again and again. We develop a story about ourselves and unintentionally, we live it out and prove it to be so. A good exercise is to identify those limiting beliefs we have carried with us for years; such as I am unworthy of love, or I am damaged or There is not enough of anything for everybody. Then ask ourself, Is that true? Our first response might be YES but after some honest reflection we will have to admit it is nothing but gossip and childish thinking.

Today start a new rumor about yourself. Say I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. It is a good start to a new belief that happens to be true. Let it spread throughout your body and mind. Soon you will be telling a new story.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev Carol Carnes www.positiveliving.org

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