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Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring and love and all good things...

Love’s Magnificent Flower

Love, like a seed that lies snugly beneath the earth,
healthy, whole, sustained and independent
content and peacefully held in this rich
and nurturing place,
surrounded by earthly nutrients,
an inner knowing of the
magnificence that its soft shell gently covers.
As season’s change…
the long winter chill gradually retreats,
the warm spring sun begins to softly caress
the earth,
a recognition stirs deep within,
a remembering of past seasons in the sun.
Awakened and sprouting beneath the earth, its sturdy stem slowly rising,
moving steadily upwards towards the warmth and light gently calling it forth,
concurrently sprouting and planting strong and healthy roots
beneath it,
spreading and stretching,
grounding and anchoring
held securely in the fertile “Mother Earth” soil,
resembling the friends and family that support our dreams,
offering their love, care and encouragement,
recognizing in us what we may not be able to see for ourselves,
and nurturing us as we bloom and grow,
celebrating as we find our place in the beauty of life’s splendid garden…
this garden of divine and magnificent love.

- Carol Marriott -

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