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Saturday, September 26, 2009

If I should die today...

This is what I'd say. Thank you dear God for this journey. Thank you for Your whispers to my soul, and for Your shouts as well.

Thank you for the lessons and the gifts. Thank you for filling my heart to the brim with a love for all creatures, and the sweet appreciation of a prairie sunrise.

If I should die today, I would leave this physical body deeply fulfilled and grateful. As I write I feel a richness fill me up, thick and sweet like caramel and chocolate, flowing up and out of my heart like those chocolate fountains you see at fine buffets.

Greeted this morning by 6 gentle equines eager for their morning hay, I watched with contentment as Rosie, the newest sweet mare in the herd (and heart horse for Susan), ate side by side with Raven and Sugar and I reflected on the nature of horses to sort their "order" out quickly and return to grazing. As they all munched quietly in the soft morning air, I moved around the paddocks removing their "deposits" from the day prior. The sound of gunshots in the distance broke my reverie for a moment, as I silently said a little blessing for the winged-ones who won't make the journey south.

The act of "scooping" provides much time for reflection. A perfect meditation and exercise combined. I listen carefully to my thoughts. My mind is open and relaxed this morning and the insights come quickly and gently, unlike the defeating thoughts of the evening before.

Now, this present moment, right here, on a farm, surrounded by horses and dogs, cats and the wild creatures, grass and trees and open skies, an abundance of fresh and healthy food, exquisite coffee, organic cream, and an abundance of creature comforts...I am filled with deep gratitude. And...I hear myself say...if I should die today...that is ok.

And yet...there is so much more to say...so until the day that I am called...I'll just say...I love you...all of you...who walk this path on mother earth...my beloveds...I extend this Peace to you.

"May you be at Peace. May your Hearts remain open. May you discover the spirit of your true nature. May you be healed. May you be a source of healing for all beings".


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Animal Philosopher said...

Hi Carol... this blog caught my attention tonight. You are a lovely writer and I loved what you said here. A tribute to all that is in your world in that moment with a truly full and gracious heart. Very nice my friend...