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Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring is in the air!

This must be a test in delayed gratification...something I need much more practice in!

It's warm and sunny, and the "men" are here installing new eavestroughs. I love how a bigger project always emerges when you start anything. Well it will be done right! Nice new white eavetroughs to replace the old peeling, bent and broken brown ones that have probably lived here as long as this old house...1936 approx.

The two little kittens are growing fat and healthy and Momma Cat is such a good mother. I think she LOVES her new status as a house cat, hasn't even asked to go out, and doesn't seem to want to come into the main part of the house when the door is open...just content to have her little warm sun room to care for her kittens, a litter box and some good canned food along with the dry crunchies. Today I gave her a bit of catnip which she seemed to like. She doesn't mind me handling the kittens at all. Today, I was giving Polly and Charlie a little smell of the kittens, to help them get used to them as right now the room is off limits to the dogs. As Polly was sniffing the little black kitten, he actually hissed! Amazing instinct...his little eyes are not even open yet.

I'm looking forward to a massage today. I was happy to find a great little "spa" in the mall and a wonderful woman (turns out she's a close neighbour) who is just about to become a naturopath. She does aroma therapy, hot stone and many other healing techniques.

Raven seems to be doing much better, and I'm giving him a break from my over anxious worrying. The vet from Saskatoon said the only thing they could see was a Vitamin E deficiency. I ordered a powdered version from the vet clinic, but in the meantime the vet suggested just using human capusules...and he just eats them up with his supplement. Hopefully he'll eat the powder!

I'm anxious to get fencing, and a dog run built, a round pen, and complete the barn cleaning and restoration. Will just have to "hold my horses" as the snow melts and the ground dries a bit. I have a feeling there will be lots of water and mud for a bit.

I think I'll use Electrobraid fence. Any ideas out there? I'm happy to hear them. Wondering also how to build the best round pen for the best price.

Will be attending a Farrier clinic tomorrow (Sat.) with the Humboldt Horse Club. Should be interesting learning about the various hoof problems. So far, both my horses have strong, healthy hooves. Spent some time grooming Sugar yesterday...which she just loves. She'll be pretty with her fuzzy winter coat shed out and her lovely blond and buckskin summer coat. Raven is happy that I fuss with her now, and not him!

Thanks for listening.

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