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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday market

I'm off to the little Carlton Trail Saturday market this morning. They are open every 2nd Saturday until June and then every Saturday through the summer. It's a little micro version of the Millarville Market, and I would love to see it grow. Free range eggs, beef etc. Fresh bread and baking, lots of local vegetables, and some neat crafts. My body now appreciates the warmth and comfort of a wheat bag heated in the microwave. Guess I've been throwing a few too many hay bales lately!

It's held at Misty Gardens, a gem of a garden store with a huge green house and a fabulous gift shop filled with art, music and everything for your garden sanctuary.

Only 2 little kittens this morning. I checked on Momma Cat through the night, and she seemed comfortable. As soon as possible, she'll be visiting the vet for a spay! Although the cats are not mine, (they belong to Carl who I bought the 20 acres from, and he still farms the rest of the quarter), I struggle with how to let nature take its course and my need to intervene, catch them all and spay and neuter them. They grace Ravenheart with their play and antics, enjoying the sun and hay bales, and many only come out to play when the dogs and I are safely in the house and watching from the kitchen window. A few are brave enough to come to the feedbowl when I'm feeding. A new animal welfare group is just forming in Humboldt, with a focus on spay/neuter and education. I hope to participate in some way.

These two little kittens will be hand raised and I'll find them good homes when they are ready to go, with a strong possibility they will remain in the comfort of this home!

Blessings and Happy Easter,

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