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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Midnight musings

It's been a while since I've written. I'm inspired tonight by insomnia and by a friend's creative Solstice Blog. As I read through my spring entries, I feel a sense of accomplishment and wonder in all that has taken place since. For my own sake and my readers, I'll list the happenings as they pop into my memory....

  • Fence posts are in and two nice pastures are open to the horses (just need to install the electric wire on the other areas so waiting for a mild day and a willing assistant)
  • Two new ponies arrived in April, Lacey and Brownie. Both very sweet, approx. 12 hands high, previously loved by Cliff (who transitioned early this morning)
  • Barn is almost liveable and being slowly restored to it's original magnificence
  • Completed the Cartier Equine Learning Centre Level One training in Equine Assisted Learning
  • Completed an powerful and informative 10 day intensive training called Healing through the Reflection of the Horse with Deborah Marshall at Generations Farms in Nanaimo, and a workshop with Linda Kohonov (Epona) at Hollyhock.
  • Have seen many kittens/cats come and go (nature's way I guess). I feed many "feral" barn cats, and they have a warm heated house in the barn.
  • The little spring kittens found a good, loving home, but Momma cat ventured away in the summer, never to return
  • Deer are wintering here again, so far not in the same numbers as last year (20 or so), but their trails can be seen moving across the yard
  • Round pen built
  • Walking trails through the woods (The Path of Least Resistance) created by Francine and much appreciated
  • A 50th Birthday celebrated with loving friends, great food, laughter with many hands making light work of farm chores (Blessings to all of you!)
  • All bedrooms furnished with cozy beds and bedding
  • The Primal Fire Retreat a most beautiful weekend (watch for 2008 retreat information on the Living Purpose Institute website, and also at ravenheartfarms.com (under construction)
  • A garden started (and organic certification in process) - wow the weeds grow big here!
  • Many good times with friends and family, and I've greatly appreciated the many visitors this first year. It is your home too!
  • Puppies Polly and Charlie have grown into lovely, sweet companions who are enjoying their fenced yard and doggie door
  • Many other "little" projects completed along the way

I sit here tonight, on a rare occasion of sleeplessness (due to sleeping late this morning!) grateful for my life, my friends and loved ones, my teachers and mentors. I wish you all things Bright and Beautiful in 2008. I welcome artists, writers, creative beings, kind souls, friendly spirits, and every other courageous individual that is walking the earth path to visit Ravenheart and call it home for a little while, or a long while.

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BarbaraAlexander said...

You have a beautiful blogsite and I enjoyed reading about your year and seeing your animals. Life is good, and it came through your writing. Thank you for sharing especially about the Epona workshop, I am so glad you got to experience this precious connection. Sending blessings to you and your readers...