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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"My name is Sandra, I’m from Germany and I like ice cream… :-)

I spent 5 weeks at Ravenheart and would like to give you a short description about this place. Ravenheart is more than just a farm. Those who get the chance to spend a few weeks at Ravenheart understand what I mean. It takes only a few days and you feel as a part of the “big farm family”.
Ravenheart is for me like a little cosmos – discovered from Carol is it a place who is changing and developing every day by Carol, her friends and the visitors from all over the world.
In addition to daily chores you have the possibility to co-create Ravenheart with your ideas, creativity and vision and be a part of this little cosmos. So you find at Ravenheart tracks from all over the world which illustrate the openness and hospitality you will get from Carol and her friends.
My time at Ravenheart has shown me not only that I really love “dirt-playing” farm work or playing with power tools, I learned more about myself and above all I’ve met great people.

Not that someone may come to the idea that staying at Ravenheart is more like a nice holiday trip…it’s hard work of course, but for the work you don’t get only accommodation and meals…you get the opportunity to spend time on a magic place with special people! And I heard stories from people they have seen little leprechauns… ;-)

The decision to work at Ravenheart is a life changing experience - at least this was it for me."

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