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Monday, July 28, 2008

Finding love at Ravenheart

I look up from my computer as a flash of white and black run by along the lilac hedge on the far side of the front lawn. It is the Ravenheart dogs, Polly and Charlie, joyfully playing a game of tug with a stick, followed closely behind by Bianca and Chris walking arm in arm. I watch for a few moments as they stop to tend to the beautiful trough of flowers they surprised me with for my birthday a few weeks ago. Watching this scene unfold fills me with love and much gratitude for all of my blessings.

Chris and Bianca arrived here in April, Bianca, a "Wwoofer" from Wwoof Canada (Willing Workers on Organic Farms
http://www.wwoof.ca/canada/homecanada.html , and Chris from Good Work Canada (http://www.goodworkcanada.ca/). Bianca had come to Canada from Japan where she had spent the past 6 months teaching English and learning about Japanese culture and language and Chris arrived from his home in Germany. Both are from Germany but have travelled extensively. Chris and I had already arranged for his arrival in April when I received a call from Bianca who was staying with a friend in Saskatoon while looking for a Canadian Wwoofing experience. I had room for two people and could certainly use the help. The timing was perfect! I arranged to pick her up at the airport the same day that Chris was arriving from Germany.

It is now July and we have become like family (yes, with the sometimes challenging dynamics of community living) and beyond that, Bianca and Chris, total strangers on that evening in April, have found love at Ravenheart!

I am grateful to be a link in their journey to each other. I am grateful and so appreciative of the care, respect and loving attention they extend to the Ravenheart companion animals, and to all the wild creatures...even the owls (still not sure what kind) that screech late into the night. I am grateful for all that they contribute to Ravenheart and my vision, and for the joy that I am filled with when I see them enjoying a walk in the evening after a full days work, surrounded by a prairie sky in brilliant colours of pink, red and orange. They will stay until September and then return to Germany to build their lives together, which I am most certain will involve much more travelling adventures!

May their Highest visions be fulfilled!

In love and gratitude,

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